Welcome to SaramayaWeissman.com!

My name is Saramaya Weissman and I’m a recent graduate from University of Oregon.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Public Relations from the university’s School of Journalism and Communication.

My professional desires include working for a public relations agency or directly as an events coordinator.  I love writing and understand the importance and impact of effective communication.  Everything you do or say is public relations.

An aspect of the industry I enjoy most is coordinating and managing events.  I have a close eye for detail, am extremely organized, and enjoy seeing the result of a product or event instantly on an audience.

I am dedicated to the planet, sustainable business and lifestyle choices, and creating an environment where messages are communicated effectively to and from the public.

I invite you into SaramayaWeissman.com to learn more about my experience and skills.  I encourage you to look at my resumé, experience, portfolio, references, and interests to further grasp who I am as a professional and individual.  Please feel free to contact me with questions or opportunities!